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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
True on the 95-96 re-alignment. Which is why I do not understand why they couldn't just move Winnipeg to the west and either nashville, columbus, or detroit to the southeast. I know the move was late, but they could have adjusted the schedule. It would not have been that hard. Could have just had Winnipeg swap schedules with whichever team was moving east and make adjustments based on building availability. Could have been done in a day or two.
Because it's either Nashville, Columbus, or Detroit. That's a lot of teams. I doubt Nashville would get the call, as the East isn't going to voluntarily vote in a team from a different time zone. Then there's Columbus, who you can't leave by themselves as the only ETZ in the West. Then you have one of the O6 teams that has wanted to be in the East since the Leafs moved, and probably even before that since the conference playoff format was instituted.

The Thrashers going to Winnipeg wasn't just a normal relocation. The Nordiques to Colorado could be done without having to move anyone else. The Whalers to Carolina, North Stars to Dallas, both the same time zone. Jets to Phoenix, west to west. The Thrashers move opened up a whole can of worms, which is clearly not easy to fix.

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