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02-27-2013, 08:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
We were in a rebuilding "phase" last year. If you think MB moves Ryder or Plerkanec before the deadline you are dreaming in colour.

I agree on Perry, if he hits the UFA market, his cap hit wiull end up above 7 mil, probably front loaded over 7 years. 52-55 mil over 7 years(10 10 8 8 8 6 5).

So rebuilding lasts only a year? i'm not saying they'll both be dealt at the deadline. But i maintain that getting a 2013 2nd round pick for Ryder at the deadline would be make the Cole deal even more interesting. Even tough i like him I'd prefer to give some quality time to the prospects next year than signing Ryder. So why not trading him?

As for Pleky he's currently at the top of his value. I can see a lot of established teams that'd be interested in his profile. With 3 years left at 5M per he wouldn't be part of a loan type deal. I truly hope for him to be dealt by the end of next year so we can get some young quality return.

We're certainly not contenders this year, neither will we be next year with Ryder if we sign him. I'm all for trading the Giontas, Plekys to bring some youngers assets and build around the Patchs, Gaclhys, Subbans and co.

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