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02-27-2013, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by QcBlizzard View Post
If everybody understood an expansion is coming in 3 years (they state they will rework divisions in 3 years), they could put 2 expansion teams west to bring back Detroit east maybe?

Like Seattle and ??? dunno ??
That is the speculation, but it is certainly not set in stone. Neither is a team in Quebec, Toronto, Seattle, Portland, Hamilton, Regina, KC, San Diego, Cancun, or Dublin. For the players to ask for a contingency based on potential moves to me, is pre-mature. Even if they do, no guarantee it will stick. Bettman is going to continue to bend over backwards to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix. Atlanta was a different situation. They had nowhere to play. The owners sold, but also owned the arena and didn't WANT the thrashers playing in Phillips. Usually, it is the direct opposite. It is usually the TEAM that wants out of a lease, NOT the arena.

Look at the Islanders. They had been rumored to KC, Quebec for a few years. Even had some exhibition games planned for KC. All of a sudden, Wang reached an agreement with Prokihov (sp?) for the Isles to play in Brooklyn after agreeing to do some renovations to make it ready for hockey. Now, Isles are staying in NY. The arena situation in Phoenix could get fixed this afternoon for all anyone knows. Not saying it will happen, but they are not going anywhere until they have exhausted EVERY and I mean EVERY possibility.

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