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02-27-2013, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by MsWoof View Post
Why would he? If he's gone the whole defense is in peril as he's the oldest guy. Doughty and Voynov are great but still young and make more mistakes.

People on the Flyers board thought Timonen would sign for 4-4.5 but he signed for 6 million next year and he's a +35. He took a $300,000 pay cut.
The D is not in peril without Scuderi. We could replace him with about the same money in UFA, unless there is absolutely no one available that is a similar skillset, which I doubt. If there's any one position you can get at a decent price in UFA, it's stay-at-home, blue collar defensemen. We should know, we grabbed Scuds adn Mitchell as UFA's.

Without Scuderi (and assuming Willie is gone as well and 44DD leaves as a UFA), our D is still DD, Voynov, A-Mart, Greene, Ellerby, Muzzin. That's an ok top 6, and we could then use Scuds money to bring someone else in if we feel we need an upgrade.

Let's also not forget Scuderi has a gun to his head a bit too considering he would (I believe) be signing a 35+ contract and the cap is falling by almost $6 million next season, so the market for him very well may not be as lucrative as we may think. He'll get a contract for sure, but the offers in UFA may not be any better (or even worse) than what LA could offer.

I'd do 1 year at $3 million or look elsewhere honestly.

As for Timonen, he had a few factors working in his favor. Firstly, he's made it clear that he has no issue with hanging up his NHL skates and heading back to europe. THN did a whole piece on him and how he'd like to return to europe before his career is done, and considering he's 37 now, that won't be to far away.

Secondly, he's an offensive defensemen. There's a reason guys like Brian Campbell get twice the money of a Willie Mitchell/Rob Scuderi in UFA; points sell. Yet which is a the worse overall defenseman of those three?

Timonen had way more leverage.

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