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02-27-2013, 09:16 AM
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Originally Posted by NikC View Post
Zucc doesn't look that good playing for this coach though...

let's be honest here... we called up Krieder in the playoffs and he was very good for us offensively.
He exceeded expectations. He made mistakes, sure, but that's part of the process. He should be here getting top 6 minutes, making mistakes as he contributes.

We can trust Krieder in the playoffs, but this coach can trust him in reg. season games?

He's ruining this kids confidence right now.
Stop with this ********.

'He's ruining this kids confidence right now."

No he's not. This is a man's sport. Chris Kreider is not a ****ing cry baby. He's feelings are not 'hurt'.

CHRIS KREIDER is responsible for playing like ****. NOT John Tortorella.

The Kreider we saw last year in the playoffs is a COMPLETE different player than we are seeing now. If you don't notice the difference I suggest going back and watching those games. He was electric when he first came up. Skating hard, hustling to loose pucks, using his body, etc.

I've said it before here, ever since he got laid out by Orpik, he's been timid, and playing scared.

It has nothing to do with Tortorella, he has no choice but to play him right now due to the injuries. Someone needs to talk to the kid and tell him to get hungry again, because right now he's playing like a straight up vaginal canal.

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