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Originally Posted by BernieParent View Post
I do have to add to my statement that I was going through the thread on the main board about worst homer announcers. Someone posted Edwards' call of game 7 when the Flyers came back to eliminate the Bruins. He wasn't committing verbal suicide or getting on the team; he called it straightforward, and was actually complimentary of the Flyers for their tenacity.

I am a fan of the game, and I want announcers to be able to show admiration for a great play, no matter which team does it. Edwards' shenanigans are ridiculous and unprofessional, to me. The low point was him laughing maniacally when Lucic slammed Jones from behind. It takes away from the game on the ice. Again, for me.
I hear what you're saying but the broadcasting landscape of the NHL has changed so much in the last years or so. Whether you like it or not, some ******* producer convinced the Hockey world that having a heel, a wrestling caliber heel, splitting the broadcasting duties was good for the game.

There are a plethora of former unremarkable players out there bringing their little man complex to your TV set each night. Look no further than the hockey capital of the world, your hometown, Montréal. The English speaking coverage of the Habs is awful and a shell of its former glory. Jack Todd reduced the print media to some American feeling lowest common denominator BS, Mitch Melnick, Randy Tieman and the rest of the scrubs over at team whatever are so busy atop their soapboxes that they've forgotten where Montréal sports radio began (the barbershops in Verdun, the East End brassseries, every cramped, smelly chalet adjoined to an outdoor rink) Don't get me started on Mike Johnson or PJ Stock, Montréal's supposed Anglophone connection to the rest of the televison viewing audiences around the Country.

HNIC is now Ron Maclean's baby now, modeled after his and Roy Mcgregor's image and perhaps a United Colours of Bennetton ad. TSN regularly employs jettisoned and disgraced members to their profession.

All I'm saying is that to draw a line in the sand at Jack Edwards which most folks do, is ludicrous when A, he's highly entertaining and B, the whole broadcasting end of the NHL has gone to ****.

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