Thread: Post-Game Talk: Hawks Win 3-2 over the Oilers
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02-27-2013, 09:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Blue Liner View Post
What Yakubov did isn't against any official rules but it's against the unwritten rules. You're taught as you grow up playing that you never duck to avoid a hit. It's just considered to be a dirty way to avoid being hit and it's something that's definitely looked down upon amongst players.

Sidestepping (upright) a hit altogether is a world different than ducking and subsequently taking a guys lower half out. You just don't do that.

As for Kane, I honestly can't remember a time in his career where he did something like that. What he has been guilty of, however, is getting his stick up high in defense and clipping guys in the head and face. He's seemed to have curbed that as I can't recall him doing that in some time now.
I was having a good morning until you brought up the bust that was Mikhail.

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