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02-27-2013, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by guinness View Post
As a PSP owner, I still take what Sony says with a grain of salt. Specs and features are great, but the PSP never really materialized at all, and it took years for the PS3 to gain traction, partially at the expense of MS' RROD. The Vita is DOA, killed by Nintendo and the rise of smartphones.

Problem I have with MS, is that they want to put everything behind a paywall...which causes me to want to just stick with Steam (and if everyone is just going to go with PC components, I'm wondering why to bother with a console this gen).
Vita actually has higher amounts of digital game sales than the Ps3. In addition to the ability to play PSP games and possible good remote play with a PS4, it's becoming a better deal every day. The only reason I haven't bought one (and a few of my friends feel the same way) is because of the absolutely ridiculous cost of extra memory cards. Once those go down and the machine gets a bit cheaper, I'll probably pick one up.

What the PSVita needs is games, games and more games. The PSP did fine when it was out (aside from the horrible PSP Go) and all the Vita needs is a couple of good, must-have games. That and a price cut on stuff like memory cards. Is it going to sell as much as Nintendo's hardware? No, but it doesn't need to to break even. Even in the console space, consoles that don't sell as much as the Ps2 aren't viewed as failures, it depends on the company's sales goals. I'm sure no one at Sony is hoping for 3DS level sales, but they'd probably be happy with about 100-150k units a month globally and slowly but surely growing the Vita base.

Originally Posted by SPV View Post
Interesting link on operation sports facebook feed right now; about EA sports & Xbox 720 teaming up for exclusives. Can't open the link 'cause it's blocked at work. I can go on facebook, but can't read about video games!!
It's people reading into something. A writer suggested the two companies could be teaming up for exclusive DLC and other bonuses (this happens every gen with various companies) and no one has ever said EA games would be exclusive to Xbox. EA has also said as of yesterday they are really excited about the Ps4 and cannot wait to unveil the console version of Battlefield, so I'm going to say the chance of any game going exclusive is crazy (unless it's Mirror's Edge)

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