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02-27-2013, 09:48 AM
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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
Supposedly Cole declined his NTC on the principle that Gallagher had his number 73# and he knew that Ryder was going to play the '' I have Cup ring veteran'' card.

Then Gionta went up to him in front of the team and said '' I'm the captain of Les Canadiens and I don't see anything wrong with the kid giving him his number. You have the right to decline your NTC but don't start making the rules in my locker room''.

At that point Cole replied back along the lines of '' If that's how this locker room is going to be lead than I don't want to be part of it... If the kid wants to give him his number so bad than I'll waive the NTC and y'all deserve each other''.
I want to be leaf this

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