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02-27-2013, 10:02 AM
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The coach is supposed to do whats best for his players skill ability.. we havent been showing much of anything the coach has to take some blame for that. They don't seem like they r motivated to play right now, again the coach has to also take some responsibility for that. Then the young kids or the benching of your top scorer for a whole period when he makes a bad penalty. .this is not how to get the best out of your players. He also has an ego problem where his way only works, except clearly it don't
Torts doesn't appear to know how to adjust to his personnel. It appears he is trying to jam (no pun intended) his system into the players without regard for their talents. This is like a hitting coach who tries to make everyone swing the bat the same way no matter how each player like to approach hitting. That is a recipe for disaster. He needs to adjust and soon or we will not make the playoffs. And with this roster, he will deserve to be fired.