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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
The official thread to discuss all matters of saving $$$$ when it comes to hockey accessories and maybe equipment.

For example, one question I have is about the skate stone. Its some kind of material that looks easy to obtain. Has anyone ever used anything cheaper. Like actually obtain a large portion of the material its made from and make small pieces so you dont have to constantly buy one and what not.
Cough up for a good skate stone or honing stone. You don't want to scratch and dull your blades to save $2. Even most hockey shop stones are terrible. Two stones for $12 shipped will last you forever.

Another is hockey wax. Can regular candle wax be good enough? Any other wax better to use but cheaper than the $10 for 1 piece of hockey wax you can buy at a pro shop or that new stupid coloring crayon of a wax their selling lol.
Wax is usually $3-4 for a puck. If all you want is waterproofing, go to the hardware store and get some paraffin wax from the canning department. You can get a pound of it for $5 and that will last you 5-10 years. But it's slippery, not sticky.

I look at companies like hockeymate? and they sell skate stones, helmet kits and what not and im wondering if there is any way to go around the crazy prices. Like helmet kit is about $10 bucks, maybe more. But go to a hardware store and buy a better screwdriver for under $5 or use one from ur garage lol. Screws, my dad has 10000000 but I also can obtain a handful of free ones at differ pro shops or buy a bucket of them at a hardware store for under $2.
Yep, go grab some of your dad's old screws and strip the **** out of your helmet and watch them rust!

I thought I was clever and got some screws from the hardware store, they rusted out at the end of the season and I couldn't get them off the helmet, had to buy a new helmet and cage. $150 to save $2.

Just go buy helmet screws.

I also was wondering if there is any company anyone has heard of where you can buy a huge amount of tape for the cheap. Its freakin tape. And best deals I find are like $10 for 3 pack. I am sure somewhere in Asia their is a company selling a box for $20 lol
Check out Howies Hockey Tape, you can get a box of 30 rolls of tape that will last you for years for about $75. A lot of shops will do bulk discounts. Ice Warehouse does $1 off for six rolls. Their prices are about $1 per roll cheaper than most shops, so buy enough stuff to get free shipping and you're coming out ahead.

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