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02-27-2013, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by guinness View Post
The Vita is the PSP 2.0.

High cost, proprietary memory cards, lack of games...if not for homebrew, I never would've used my PSP much. I think I only bought about 6-7 games for it, and I bought it when first released. Sony just didn't understand the importance of games, it's a games console first, media features 2nd. and even though the Vita is about 2x powerful as my iPhone 4S, it's hard to beat the price of most games on iOS too.
I think we will see a PSVita slim or something within the next year as well as an attempt to relaunch the platform. Pushing it as a complimentary piece to a PS4 is smart, but they also need to show that it has games of its own that you can't get anywhere else (aka less PS3 ports).

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