Thread: Salary Cap: Habs to reach Cap Heaven?
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02-27-2013, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by LePoche69 View Post
If Bergevin really has something like that in mind, it could turn out pretty ugly. Major Poker move. If it doesn't work, it would leave the Habs with a major hole on the wing, as I don't think the management will like the idea of having Ryder on the team for 2-3 years. He's not a team player and certainly not an inspiration or calming presence for Habs' youngsters.

If the signing of a big name winger doesn't work, it would mean Bergevin will have to overpay for lesser names like Clowe.

It is not a bad trade, but it is a risky poker move.
I don't see how it's all that risky. Because what we have in hand right now, by default, is already ok. The whole Getzlaf/Perry dream duo is probably going to get sorted out before July 1st anyway. Just if it doesn't, if they do go to market, we can bid. Desharnais is RFA and we can hold his rights until the Getlzaf option evapourates. We ought to know from the opening bid whether we're really in the running for Perry or not.

I don't think the Habs should go off on some drawn out courting process on those guys, though. Make your best offers up front. There are 7-year limits and we can shoe-horn in $7.5M ea. So that's it right there, there isn't any negotiating. You offer them $52.5M/7yrs right when the market opens. If they don't take it, you move on and get a winger signed (maybe Ryder, maybe Clowe, whoever - we can essentially afford anybody), and plan to re-sign Desharnais when time allows. It shouldn't be all that risky. We're either going to end up with the same lineup as today, with Desharnais and Ryder/Clowe/some decent 20-goal candidate signed on wing, or we win the jackpot - highly unlikely, but also not really risking anything by putting our offer out there.

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