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Originally Posted by -31- View Post
Ah, the simplifications that suit our needs. Boyle wasn't in the lineup. The Rangers won. Obviously, then, the Rangers won because they didn't have Boyle in.

I guess the fact that Lundqvist had a save percentage of .936 over that stretch compared to .910 the rest of the year is negligible.

[But of course that's a stat, so it's meaningless. Obviously the only method to evaluate players is to watch them play and draw a picture of how they make you feel. That's how he know Jeff Halpern produces more offense than Boyle, despite not producing more offense than Boyle. That's also how we know that Kreider and Miller control the play when the're on the ice, despite those pesky stats that show they don't.]

The human mind is great at finding patterns where none exist. Did you know the Rangers are undefeated on Wednesday this season?
well there is the old adage if it ain't broke don't fix it. There was no reason at all to force Boyle back in the lineup. Isn't it possible that his absence led to Hanks save percentage increasing as there were less offensive turn overs and more time spent in the oppositions end ?

He was placed on a line that was playing decent in his absence, he gets back in the line up and that lines effectiveness was greatly reduced. There is no denying that. Not to mention he has been taking penalties at crucial times in the game. He is supposed to be our #1 PKer. He adds no value at all when he is in the box.

Last night was a perfect example. He was trying to be physical, his bad skating gets him out of position and he sticks his knee out.

He certainly seems to be trying harder i'll give him that. maybe his feet are all messed up again like last season

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