Thread: Salary Cap: Habs to reach Cap Heaven?
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02-27-2013, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
I don't see them taking a discount to go to Montreal and pay higher taxes.

Plus one factor that will increase the cap hit of UFA's is that contracts can only be 7 years, so no Parise or Suter 13 year 98 million deals. Those contracts over 7 years are 71 mil so 10.14 mil cap hit. I think it will lead to deflation(lower cap plus higher cap hits), those players will get less money due to the cap, but i still see the overall cap hit higher than Suter and Parise's 7.5 mil for Perry and Getlaf(assuming they hit full UFA)..
Sorry but just because you don't "see it" doesn't mean it's not a possibility. Seeing Bergy work and the fact he's shedding salary and building cap space, you know he's working to take on additional salary and put his mark on the team. How he does it is the question.

I'm not saying this scenario is likely or even going to happen. It is nice knowing we have this space, a management team with the wherewithall and that have to make some significant moves in the season or off season. Whether it's Pery, Getzlaf, ROR etc etc etc, we have the team and cap in place to get er' done and hope to build a great team moving forward.

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