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Originally Posted by Major4Boarding View Post
Truly going to be interesting, as this saga seemingly will never end.
No idea either M4B, but again speculating; if as suggested elsewhere there was a power struggle going on between Skeete & Tindall subsequent to Beasleys' departure then obviously that would result in further dysfunction, oars being pulled in opposite directions, not serving the City well, decidedly fractious.

Again speculating, is Beacon acting as point in negotiations or does Jerry Weiers have his hand on that wheel? If so, is he completely up to speed on things, how could a career politician possibly be so and authoritatively command the situation having had absolutely no experience or background in such circles of endeavour? Did Horatio Skeete award a contract (if they are even back in the picture) to act as "Agent" to Beacon of his own volition, paying them a retainer under the thresholds requiring Council Approval following Beasleys lead, or did he do so at Weiers behest?

And why Beacon, with its ties to Kaites/Reinsdorf and past performance (lack thereof) record? Why not someone else, say SportsCorp or whomever, fresh sets of eyes? Whats the status of the RFP's for Arena Management? How does the AMUL the COG signed with the NHL pursuant to Arena Management with 8yrs left to run on it affect that? Is it possible that any tendering of an offer for Arena Management Services could be derailed whereby the winning bidder suddenly finds himself confronted with having to go through the league & compensating them for breaking the AMUL? Is the City on the hook in any way? Does the removal of the team negate & void the AMUL or are there clauses therein that are enforceable?... so many questions.

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