Thread: Salary Cap: Habs to reach Cap Heaven?
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02-27-2013, 11:30 AM
Blind Gardien
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
There are instances where it worked out really well(Chara in Boston, Hossa in Chicago, and I'm sure there are a bunch more), it just has to be the right fit, not just throwing big money around to get to the cap.
Or, if you throw big money around just to get to the cap, it has to be in a way that can't possibly hurt you. Like, you could take the Semin $7M deal if you had the cap space sitting unused... given that it's for 1-year.

Habs really should be spending to the cap every year, at any rate. It should always be possible to project well enough to allow that, and if there are players available that can improve the team, go ahead and spend. We're supposed to be a team that has that luxury. We don't need to be constrained or feel shy because of how badly the Gomez/Kaberle/etc deals might have burned us in the past. Be aggressive. But smart too. Both should be possible.

And you can always get around mistakes too. We've seen that. The so-called "cap hell" is something you can escape from. Again, may require "smart". But I fully expect "smart" out of our GM. You can't anticipate everything that might befall a player, and it's entirely possible that a deal looks smart at one point, but ends up as a "cap hell" item at another. Cue smart GM fixing it. I wouldn't be too fearful of making aggressive moves just because they might fail to pan out. That could happen any time, with a draft pick, with a trade, etc. But there are ways around it.

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