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02-27-2013, 11:36 AM
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I was at the Moncton vs Miramichi game last night and it was hard to look at players since officiating was horrible. Also, I saw a few scouts leave after the referee went completely to Moncton's side. The score was 10-4 for Moncton but it was exciting to watch until Miramichi scored to make it 4-4. The game sheet online won't show any of the penalties called but Miramichi had 3 PP's and Moncton had about 10 PP's. Only one goal from Moncton wasn't scored on the powerplay which the game sheet doesn't show again. Ward's goal was the only one. It was hard to look at players but here goes:

Jacob- Amazingly gifted. Logged a lot of minutes when Bradley got hurt.
Myers- Improved greatly from last time I saw Moncton play. Hard shot and great vision.
Belec- Hasn't impressed me all year.
Ward- Improved as well. Works hard both offensively and defensively.
Alward- Hasn't impressed me as well.
Landry- Didn't play.
Conrad- Basically rides Jacob's coat-tail.


Theriault- Find he hasn't made a very good transition into Midget Major this year. He's a player I'd expect to be on every night and he's off most of the time.
Scott- Worked hard and hit a lot without taking penalties.
Woulds- Probably played his best game last night. A couple of points and hits.
Beaulieu- Played more aggressively and set up some scoring chances.
Robichaud- Played well. He got injured for a while but came back.

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