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02-27-2013, 11:37 AM
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Ran some numbers (of course) to see the effect of who's in or out. Later I'll look at matchups and then my proposed playoff system:

Vancouver (92) over Tampa Bay (92)
- Detroit goes East, kicks out Tampa Bay, Vancouver steps in.

Colorado (95) over NY Islanders (92)
- Detroit goes East, kicks out the lowly Isles, Colorado gets in.

Vancouver (88) over Boston (94)
- Detroit goes East, kicks out Boston, and then there's a three-way tie between Edmonton, Chicago, and Vancouver. Near as I can tell, Vancouver would have won the tiebreaker for regulation wins. But the point discrepancy makes it look bad.

Minnesota (89) and Nashville (88) over NY Rangers (95) and Columbus (92)
Okay, a few things going on here:
- Detroit goes East, kicks out the Rangers.
- Columbus going east puts them from their 7th place finish to 11th in the new East. The franchise would not have made the playoffs to date (although playoffs wins would be the same ).
- Minnesota and Nashville take the two Western wildcard spots. This might completely change the Wild franchise as they might hold on to Risebrough and Lemaire. Think about that.

Calgary (90) over Montreal (88)
- Detroit goes East, kicks out Montreal, Calgary and St Louis are tied but Calgary wins the regulation win tiebreaker.
- Remember, this is the playoff that Montreal went to the ECF as an 8th seed.

Dallas (95) over NY Rangers (93)
- Detroit moves East, kicks out NY Rangers.
- This is interesting. Nashville, Chicago, and Dallas would be the 1-2-3 of the Midwest division, although they were 5-8-9 in the Western standings. Dallas as a 9th seed actually wins a divisional playoff spot, not just a wild card. But Phoenix and LA, who were above Chicago and Dallas in the standings, get the wild card spots.
- This also changes those matchups, even if they weren't divisional. Vancouver (1) doesn't face Chicago (8) in the first round.

Calgary (90) over Ottawa (92)
- Detroit moves East, kicks out Ottawa. Calgary gets the last spot.

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