Thread: Post-Game Talk: Hawks Win 3-2 over the Oilers
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02-27-2013, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by hawksfan50 View Post
Hard to quibble when they keep winning despite the underwhelming margins and close games.....

With our talent AND our work level--we OUGHT to be dominating more on the scoreboard-it is just that opposing refuse to give us easy games..
You do understand that the talent difference in a cap world NHL can never be that great?

You are complaining that we aren't winning enough games by bigger scores when we haven't lost all year in regulation, and only twice in out last 37 games?

Our goal differential is +25 in 19 games, a pace that would put us at +108 over a full season. Boston led the NHL last season at +61 (note I do not include shoot outs for this purpose). The next closest in the West is the Ducks at +9, followed by the Canucks, LA and Phoenix at +4.

In NHL speak, we are dominating other teams by a margin seldom seen. So I wouldn't worry that the fact we don't win by 3 goals or more every night somehow means there is some fatal flaw in our team. The randomness of hockey assures that teams are never going to win by such a margin all the time.

To expect that things could and should improve for us is silly. Things for us are going about as well as any team can ever expect in a NHL cap world.

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