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Originally Posted by Hawkey Town 18 View Post
Good discussion about vsX percentage scores, and I appreciate all the work some are putting in here and in other threads. One thing that hasn't been brought up yet, but I think is important is what should we consider a significant difference when comparing players?

Player A scores 80pts one year and the benchmark is 100pts he gets an 80.

Player B scores 80pts the next year and the benchmark is 98pts he gets an 82.

IMO these two seasons are pretty much equal. The 2 point difference in the benchmark is nothing over the course of an entire season, and could easily come from things like player A's team having more PP opportunities, more empty net opportunities, etc.

So my question is, at what percentage difference can you clearly say one player's season is better than another?
You're perfectly right that the difference between an 80 and an 82 is very small over the course of a single season. Over the course of an entire career, however, one player scoring a couple points higher in percentage every season becomes meaningful. This data is most useful when looked at longitudinally, on a career level.

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