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02-27-2013, 12:18 PM
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I am thoroughly enjoying the crying coming from the East concerning Detroit/Columbus/Nashville.

Detroit's situation is "no big deal" for the owners and fans of teams not named the Red Wings.

The Red Wings have been good, the most exemplary, decorated soldiers for the NHL's expansion of the 90s. They carried the torch, bore the burden and dare I say, kicked some serious ass along the way for the NHL.

While Boston was a mediocre to terrible, while NYR went from SC to crap in 3 years, while Pittsburgh was only slightly above average (and then really took a nosedive in the 00s), etc, Detroit carried the water for the entire league west of the Pennsylvania border.

Colorado deserves special mention here, as well.

Detroit never belonged in the West, but they did it and rarely complained only to really lobby for the move in earnest after the lockout in 05.

Detroit is absolutely affected monetarily by being a ETZ team in the Western conference. Viewership plummets for any game after 8pm start time. Tonight and tomorrow, both games start at 10pm+. We, as fans, go through this **** all the time.

Did I mention playoffs, by the ****ing way? Look at Detroit's recent playoff opponents. PHX first round, SJ second round. Eat, peet and repeat ad nauseum. You do realize the only reprieve Detroit fans and telecasts get is when and ONLY when they play CBUS or make it to the Cup finals.

Screw you, those who dont care or dont see or care to understand. Good, your team is good now, today, at this very moment. But I can bet, unless you are a fan of NJ, some time in the past 23 years your team absolutely sucked while the Wings did not. The Wings have been a ratings giant (in the US) for 20+ years for the NHL. Right here, right now, that may or may not be the case when compared to Chicago, Pittsburgh, etc. There are now more viable franchises to carry that water outside of Detroit and thats a great thing.

But dont forget who carried it alone, for 15 years, all by themselves (Detroit and Colorado) for well over half the US teams in the league.

I hope this alignment goes through and you all continue to cry.

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