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02-27-2013, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Der Jaeger View Post
One elite player doesn't make a team, but he can sure help. These are roughly the lines this season.

Vanek - Hodgson - Pominville line. Seeing best defensive match ups.
Foligno - Ennis - Stafford line. No longer getting sheltered minutes and struggling.
Ott - Grigorenko - Gerbe line. Getting sheltered minutes but not getting much done.

Add in MacKinnon and shuffle up.

Foligno - MacKinnon - Stafford line. Two-way line and faces top defenders.
Vanek - Hodgson - Pominville line. Not getting sheltered but getting easier minutes.
Ennis - Grigorenko - Ott line. Ennis back to sheltered minutes, Grigorenko gets a talented winger.

Flip the top two lines if you want, either way, you get offensive talent on the second line.

There's a big difference between the matchups for that first group of lines, and the second group of lines.
Isn't that getting WAY ahead of yourself. Two players struggling badly and a 18 year old rookie are going to be able to handle all that?

Regardless of who we draft, a trade for a defensive/two way top 6 center or at least a 2/3 defensive center is a must. We can't just throw a bunch of kids out at center and expect them to develop

EDIT: also who the top defenders from other teams go up against is determined by the other team's coach not ours. I highly doubt teams will be worried about that line over VHP.

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