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02-27-2013, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Oilfan2 View Post
I'd have to say ..duh....

He is successful at what he does, I'll give you that. His timing is excellent and he seems to know just when to catch players.

He's been allowed to do that for years even though many of his hits are against the rules.

There should be no doubt in most people's minds that his hits aren't borderline at all..He actually crosses that border with a load of illegal aliens in the trunk..In the large majority of his hits, he leaves his feet, which should make them charging. Sometimes in those charges, he makes contact with the head..So, in effect, he should have been suspended for illigal hits to the head on several occasions.

I will admit the odd time he stays on the ice and catches the player just right, I end up cheering the hit. Unfortunately, those types seem to be rare and the rest are usually illegal.
I love this comment (along with so many others in this thread)..."there should be no doubt in people's minds"? Well there is. And plenty of evidence that supports there is nothing wrong with the hits. I could just as easily say "it should be 100% clear to 100% of people that there is nothing wrong with the hits"

And why don't people realize that there is nothing illegal with hits to the head??? Can we just designate 1 person on my team to always have the puck, skate bent over, with his head down 12 inches in front of every part of his body, and purposely run into into every player on the other team? We would win by forfeit every game!!! It's not Kronwall's fault you are skating with your head down out in front of every part of your body when he hits you from dead in front of you

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