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02-27-2013, 12:26 PM
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RFA's are Clifford ($870,000), Lewis ($725,000), Nolan ($531,667) up front, and Voynov ($816,666), A-Mart ($737,500), Ellerby ($700,000), and Muzzin ($577,500) on defense. Bernier ($1.25 mill) is the goalie. Prospects which have some shot of making the Kings next year that need to be resigned are Kozun ($575,000) and Martin Jones ($525,555)

Clifford is likely to get a 2 year deal, and he won't get much of a raise, based on how DL operates with players going into the second contract. They either get dealt with like Doughty (signed long-term), or they get dealt with like the rest of the 'average' players. Jack Johnson, Patrick O'Sullivan, A-Mart, etc. all got two-year deals after their entry level deal was done, and Cliffy will be the same. So I'm pegging him at 2 years at $950,000 a season.

Lewis will get about what he's at now, maybe a slight raise to $750,000, and Nolan has to go up as the league minimum wage next year is $550,000. So I figure he'll get a 2 year deal at just north of $600,000.

On D, the only one to worry about is Voynov. I think we'd like to sign him for a 4-6 year deal, so you're looking at something I'd guess in the neighbourhood of a 5 year deal at $14 million, give or take, or a $2.9 mill cap hit. I could see that going higher though, maybe closer to $3.4 million on a contract that long.

A-Mart, 2 years at $1.1 million or so. He'll be a great bang for the buck signing. Ellerby and Muzzin will get token raises.

Bernier I'd expect will be gone either this season or at the draft, so he likely won't matter. He could even hold out, demanding a lot of money hoping it'll force a tarde.

Jones and Kozun won't get big raises, likely in the neighbourhood of $600,000 on one year deals.

We'll have to pay more for all of these guys, but outside of Voynov, we won't have any major issues. We will still be very tight to the cap though, given the cap is dropping and Quick's raise kicks in next year.

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