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I remember last season a Philly fan told me she didn't like Carter, but I didn't understand why. Come to realize Philly fans were disappointed in Carter because he didn't seem to come through in the playoffs in a timely manner...hence the claim that his goals are generally useless.

Can a player evolve? I mean, assuming Philly fan is right, which is a big assumption.
Yes, a player can evolve (Wasn't scott stevens much better with the devils than the blues)
I livei n Philly and have seen almost all his games (including all the Kings games) and he is a better play now that he ever was. Part of that is maturing (and the two trades added to that, he said something akin to that post Cup) and he was stung by signing a LTC with the FLyres so he could play with Richards and they could end their careers there. Even up to 2 days prior to his trade when Homer shook his hand and assured him he was not being traded.

But something he said post Cup in an interview that he alluded recently in another interview is a key to this. He said on Ice post cup that he owed a lot to Dean for taking a risk in bringing him 'here'
the followup recently was him saying that he was 'hungry for it' this year, he began working out 5 days a week in July and put on 10 lbs of weight. He said he wanted to repay Dean for having such faith in him. And he also said playing with Richards again made him happy. A happy JC is a motivated one...that = goals.

I think Sutter has quite a bit to do with the more complete player I see as a King then I did as a FLyer. ALso being with STevens again has helped . He and Richards were very close to STevens and were affected by his firing.

Sutter is a coach who demands a complete game , a 200 foot player. Carter is that player now, he wans't in PHilly. He never forechecked as aggresivly, didn't push hard to skate that extra stride to get the puc k from the carrier behind the net. He didn't check much at all. His game has evolved and changed. That play a few games back where on PP the puck got away and there was a player racing in to score shorthandd, Carter flew down the ice and made a very aggresive defensive play. He never did that as a Flyer.

I understood some of the other Flyers fans bitterness over him because as a Flyers, more times than not, he didn't push hard. He'd float , esp in the neutral zone and get beaten to pucks, he lost board battles he should have won. Where others saw those 35 (average) goals, I saw the potential for 45 or 50, but he did coast a bit at times.

Of course, a friend of mine who has alwyas been a huge fan of Carters argued (during his Flyers days where he'd get criticized for loafing/lazy) that 'how wouild like to follow Richards after his shift? ' ANd I got what he meant that because Carter is tall, long strides, doesn't have to exert to skate, Richards had to do the opposite and push hard every shift. It does come (incorrectliy at times) off like Carter was lazy.

He's been terrific as a King and not just for the 10 goals, but for the overall game. He's a 200 foot player, owning most of the ice he covers. That makes him a difference maker.

And I don't see that happeneing if he was him Philly, that trade and the faith he feels that DL showed in him , and how he worked out over the summer, changed his attitude, really created a different version of JC that we knew
It's good for him, he's going to realize his full potential. He's happy as a King, he's in much healthier locker room and is with a very tight group of teammates, that helps too. He was welcomed by them from the first day, felt 'at home' right away and thjat showed in the playoffs, almost as if he was meant to be King

In 82 games, healthy, playing like this 50 goals is not unrealisitc, he's currently on pace for almost 30.

At his Cap hit, it's not likely you'll find a better value for your $, for years to come

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