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02-27-2013, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by coolboarder View Post
I don't like it for these following reason: you could have a top ranked division winner Chicago playing lower ranked wildcard from pacific team such as L.A. while Pacific top seeded Vancouver plays the higher ranked wildcard from Nashville while the 2nd seeded and 3rd seeded divisional opponents get easier travel. This is a flawed format even 4 teams from each division made the playoffs even the wild card just happen to be lower ranked wild card team and are going to cross over while the higher ranked wild card team also cross over to other division for the duration of the playoffs. It has to be a clause in the format where all division 4th seeded remains if the other division made the higher ranked wild card 4th seeded team. The wild card team could face each other in the third round, Nashville vs LA and what that format not fair is that they travelled too much and will be worn out by the time they reach the SCF.

However, you apply this system with 5 teams from a division and 3 other teams from other division then I would be in favor of such format with one catch: I would rather to have the top seed division whose division of 3 teams made the playoffs makes the choice for the travel purpose, 1 v 3 or wildcard team while division's second seed team will face either 3rd or wild card team for the first round.
I agree with this 100%. Top seeds should play the lowest Playoff seed in their own Division. If that means 1 vs 5 and 1 vs 3, then fine.
It's the Division record that should count in Divisional Playoffs, and use the crossover for the middle teams, within which Home-ice would be decided by which one of them has the best record.

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