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02-27-2013, 01:36 PM
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Interdivision play seems silly if it's that pronounced. Sure, probably no harm in playing some C8 vs. C6 or something, but all the way from C to B?

A lot could depend ont he league people play at, but here, the difference in a C and B team is this:

C league - recreational, people tripping over blue lines, uber noob
B league - everybody there has at least played high school varsity, more likely D2 college or equivalent

Obviously, there's no possible competition there.

I wonder if your league is rethinking that idea as we speak. I can actually see the coolness for the lower team, but why would the B team want to do that? Furthermore, why would they be so obssesed with not only winning but running up the score like that?

Hey, you guys scored on them though, so they should be embarrased.

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