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02-27-2013, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy6 View Post
If what Friedman is saying about the matrix is correct, the Jets will actually be playing nearly as many games against Canadian teams as the teams in the other divisions:

3 games x Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver = 9
2 games x Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal = 6
Total is 15

The largest number of games we'll play (32) will be against the East, vs. 29 against our division and 21 against the Pacific. We'll now likely be making 2 trips to California each year, as opposed to 3 trips to Florida.

The figures for the Pacific teams would be, e.g. for Vancouver:

5 games x Calgary, Edmonton = 10 (in rare years, this would just be 9)
3 games x Winnipeg = 3
2 games x Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal = 6
Total is 19 (occasionally 18)

For the eastern teams, e.g. for Toronto:

4 or 5 games x Montreal, Ottawa = 9 (could be 8 or 10 some years)
2 games x Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver = 8
Total is 17 (occasionally 16 or 18)

So, if I have this right, it's 15 Canadian games for us vs. 17-19 for everyone else.
That's not enough of a difference for the Jets to be totally "lost" to the Canadian media, I don't think.
Not that i agree with our understand their vitrol, but i believe it' based on the lack of division playoff matchups to "build rivalries".

Aside from being asinine to begin with, if it's actually because of the amount of games, it is really silly to be upset with that.

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