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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
And why Beacon, with its ties to Kaites/Reinsdorf and past performance (lack thereof) record? Why not someone else, say SportsCorp or whomever, fresh sets of eyes?
Speculation and my opinion on this is...

With Beacon, we have seen historically that there's a tie-in with Reinsdorf... and not only in regards to the Coyotes pre-BK. If MR or JR are quietly stalking the franchise again, and the inferences by the BPAC that theres an out clause, well there's Option 1. Not what the fans would be enamored with, surely, but to the CoG and Weiers it presents itself with presumably a lower AMF, gets this acidic thing-that-should-not-be situation removed from the current status... albeit short term. If the window collapses (i.e. attendance, revenue losses, etc), the ol' "we gave it our best shot" phrase comes to mind. I see them willing to eat the losses knowing not only that there is an out clause that can be envoked, but that envoking that out clause is fairly certain to become realized.

Option 2 would be the Leblanc/Grant Woods scenario. But not in the sense of purchasing the franchise outright. Again, this is my opinion and I'm speculating but, we've seen it reported that Leblanc pitched the AHL + Arena Mgmt piece last year as a Plan B to the CoG. We've seen Weiers quoted as saying there's a review of "options". Well, this may very well be an option being taken into consideration.

But we know there's quite a few things that have to fall into place for that to happen. Most notably, the AHL and Andrews (that'd be Dave Andrews - President of the AHL for those not knowing) would have to be willing to expand or even relocate a franchise to Glendale. I'm not aware, or have seen, anyway ripples in the pool that is the AHL of franchises for sale or ripe for relocating... at this time. I'm not so sure, at least in the initial years anyway, if an AHL team replacing a NHL one is going to be met with any success from the fan base. That's just me.

These are the only 2 possibilities that we are aware of, even if they are speculative and shrouded in mystery.

If Weiers is counting Gallacher as someone who is interested, as reported and rumored to have been, then there's Option 3. But we have no firm optics, really none of the above as well, into this possibility.

If there's a 4th, as stated by Weiers, well that one's definately one of luke warm interest or conversely, going about it the absolute preferred way by the NHL and it's air-tight closed lipped.

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