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02-27-2013, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Hippasus View Post
Really? That album seems so much worse than Angel and the Dark River to my tastes.

I like the unhinged feedback of the first album, and there were a number of good effective songs on there. It sort of tells me, it's okay to lose it sometimes at the same time that it says society is ****ed-up. Dopesick is most like a concept album and has a consistent feel, while still having high quality songs. Take as Needed was sort of in between and just didn't stand out quite as much. Song titles like Sister****er parts one and two seem shock rockish in its pure debauchery. Just doesn't grab me the same. My opinion might change cuz like I said they're close. I'm probably not an Eyehategod connoisseur like yourself, I listen to a lot of rock, punk, and especially metal in general.
True enough. Sister****er Part 1 does sound a tad more rockish (well for Eyehategod anyway) but I must say that Sister****er Part 2 is pure sludge and Sabbath-esque goodness. You're right about Dopesick being a concept album of sorts though.

Regardless of which EHG album is your favourite, at least we both know that they kick ass. Cheers.

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