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02-27-2013, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Assuming your best players can rebound and actually be your best players is a slippery slope toward the dark ages? That makes no sense whatsoever.

Rookies are expected to be inconsistent, but being inconsistent implies that you actually show some variance in your sample. Kreider has actually shown consistently that he's not ready for the NHL. At least Miller has shown he can create some offense. Kreider has done nothing. I'm not expecting him to carry the team, or even be a consistent factor in the play. I just want the kid to show that he belongs. He hasn't done that this season.

If you want to spoon-feed time to rookies who haven't earned it, then "more power to you".
I don't call 10:22 ATOI mostly with bottom six players a real chance.

Miller and Kreider are two different kinds of players. I talked at length about what each bring since BEFORE they were drafted.

I knew Miller would be fine because of his physical and polished game.

While Kreider certainly isn't afraid to use his body, and while he certainly isn't an unintelligent player, he is NOT a "heady" player. He is the kind of player that plays on his instincts. He is an offensive player. He can not possibly be expected to play a style of game that he never played before in his life, 100% to perfection, 11 regular season games into his NHL career.

Here's a fact. Kreider is being over coached. He is not getting time in an offensive role, with the team's better offensive players, aside from ONE game with Richards. It wasn't a full game, either. Not one shift with Nash. Not with Stepan. Not with Hagelin.

Brian Boyle, Taylor Pyatt, Jeff Halpern, Brandon Mashinter, Aaron Asham, J.T. Miller, Darroll Powe. These have been his linemates.

Total time on the power play?

You expect to see an offensive player develop in a role unsuited for his style of play.

Again, coach's job is to maximize everyone's ability.

You don't take a java script engineer and ask him to be a graphic designer with zero design experience.

If he were given a shot with Nash, who would open up a TON of space for Kreider, and get him the puck around the net, and Kreider still didn't play well at all. Then we could be having this discussion.

The veteran leadership should ALWAYS be more accountable. More expectation = less accountability? Less expectation = more accountability?

What's backwards thinking now?

If Richards and Gaborik were doing their job, this wouldn't be such an issue. Kreider could ride shot gun with one of the big three and his mistakes wouldn't be under such a microscope.

Two guys earning 14 million on the cap have done nothing and suddenly your support cast is exposed.

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