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02-27-2013, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by PaulieVegas View Post
Can't see Bishop being a serious contender for a spot. And as good as Anderson's been this season, I think it's only a matter of time before he comes back down to Earth. I remember this happening a couple years ago in Colorado, when he had an amazing first half and then a pedestrian second half. I don't think he'll be in contention. But if he keeps up this pace then yes, he should be.

I think if Tim Thomas plays in the Worlds this year and plays well, he gets at least an invite to orientation camp. And if he gets off to a hot start next year, maybe he even gets a spot. Although I don't think I would use one on him. He's over 40 and just walked out on his Boston teammates, and political ideology aside, I think it would be awkward having someone who refused to attend the White House celebration because he doesn't like the President representing us at the Olympics.

I think Miller will be the starter. He has been much better this season than his numbers, his team is terrible and his defense is letting him down. When he brings his A-game and has a competent defense in front of him, I think he's the best goalie in the world. I say Miller and Quick will be our #1 and #2 and maybe you can alternate them during round-robin games and then take the hot hand in the first medal round game. Schnieder coming along only for the ride as the #3 but only dresses as the backup against Slovenia.
Anderson has been a streaky goalie for a while now. He had an awesome season for the Avs and had pretty much the greatest playoff game I have ever seen. Then he seemed to mope about not getting a contract extension, sucked horribly, and they trade him to Ottawa where he was awesome to finish the year, then sucked last year, or at least was mediocre and now he is back to being awesome again. You just never really know how he is going to play, but man, when he is on, watch out.

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