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Originally Posted by Oni View Post
You promise me?

Seeing skates in the air and upward momentum aren't even the same thing.

Didn't someone just post the Campbell - Umberger hit, where after contact, Campbells skates are barely off the ice, but his body doesn't generally rise up in the air?

Skates leaving the ice after contact doesn't mean you are flying up in the air. Kronwall is flying up in the air everytime. That isn't your magic physics at work, that's Kronwall jumping.

If his skates were skimming the ice, would we be having this discussion? That has nothing to do with jumping or momentum, that would be just the way the legs bend / move as contact is made.

Obviously his skates are leaving the ice, but see how much you notice it at normal speed. These refs aren't penalizing him because it happens so fast, they don't even notice he left his feet.

I just think he's a master at that kind of hit, like it or not. Hockey is a game about doing the most to cheat, and still getting away with it.
Originally Posted by Goldrunner View Post
Yannick Hansen (no previous history, not even in Jr) and Raffi Torres both got suspended for touching Marrian Hossa.

To use Kronwalls history for no suspensions by the NHL as a barometer for how clean he hits is a joke.

Willie Mitchel got a penalty for the cleanest hard hit we've seen in awhile.
Kronwall has been lucky in that his hits were he does injure the other player, it was a totally clean, non-jumping hit.

Believe me, if he ever hurts a guy with a jumping hit, he's gonna get a major suspension.

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