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02-27-2013, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
This is exactly it.

Anyone who has ever played at a level above beer league or been on the ice developing young players, would understand this.

When your coach expects nothing less then perfection otherwise you're benched, you second guess every move you make on the ice. Think about every play you make. "If I finish my check, I'll lose my assignment" "if I carry the puck and turn it over I'll be benched, better to get rid of it".

What some see as "tentative" play, is the player over analyzing his play while he's on the ice. Results in indecision.

Its the COACH'S job to get the most out of his players.

A coach with common sense would see this issue and allot the player an opportunity to play with confident veteran talent and allow him to gain confidence in his game.

A coach who can't figure out how to properly develop certain players, can't get a power play with three of the league's top offensive forwards of the last decade going, can't figure out a game plan that generates some offense...he's not to blame? It's the 21 year old first year pro with less than half a regular season under his belt fault?
I played college hockey and I disagree. Something doesn't add up.

Why is it that if a young player is not playing well, a certain sect of fans blames the coach and other external forces? Last year he excelled in the same environment. Maybe the coaches became idiots in the off-season.

A player by the time he gets to the NHL has been pretty much formed. Blaming others for an NHL player's shortcomings makes little sense to me.

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