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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
On coaching, you run into the same problem as JT. There are worse coaches than TM, a lot worse. Guys like RW or Sutter (either Sutter) would be a flaming disaster at this point. The good ones are few and far between. If they want another coach, DW has to do his homework again as TM was actually cream of the crop in his class.

I will make a point about JT that just grinds on me. It is not JT himself that grinds on me, but every time I see someone put him next to God as far as hockey goes (like no one can match him) then I see the fallacy. Same would go for anyone else. As soon as godliness is attributed to any player, the team concept goes out the window. Personally, I think Crosby is the best out there when healthy but even he goes nowhere without Malkin and Letang and realistically his subordinates are not so subordinate. It is a fallacy for a fanbase/org to gift the spot of top dog on any team because it blinds them to other team issues and takes away several pieces of motivation for that player and the rest of the team. It becomes an aristocracy rather than a meritocracy. When issues like turnovers or speed or anything else come up, the issues get submerged in the motor boat argument, "But, but, but . . . ". It happens in all sports.
I disagree slightly with the idea that having an outright best player is always a problem, especially if you bring other sports into it. Hockey is special in the sense that even though one player may the best he really can only elevate the play of others to a certain point.

In other sports like basketball and football for example though, one player really can literally make your team a powerhouse regardless of most circumstances. Players like Jordan, lebron, Brady, manning, Peterson, Barry sanders etc could/can literally win a game almost by themselves.

I think you can't allow yourself as a coach/GM to not try to put good pieces around your unquestioned superstar, however I don't think it's really a fault either to recognize how good they really are and act as such. It's only really a problem if you don't recognize that even superstars can be better if they are surrounded by other talented players, and simply rely on one guy to do it all.

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