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02-27-2013, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Zachy Goj View Post
I really liked how our lines were set up last night and how Noel rolled them, double shifted Kane, etc. I found it to be pretty effective.

I am a fan of hard nosed, rugged teams. I want teams to know when they play us it's going to be difficult, and win or lose they're likely getting bruised and banged up. No, I am not a Brian Burke - truculence and testosterone preacher, but I love tough, physical, in your face teams. We're not a great team as it stands, and I think we could get by with a line-up of the following. And, I like teams who have character, defined roles, an identity, etc.

Ladd - Little - Wheeler
Kane - Burmistrov - Antropov
Wright - Jokinen - Peluso
Volpatti - Slater - Thorburn/Tangradi/Miettinen (Volpatti can play RW to, so these LW can keep their position)

As I said above, I liked how Noel utilized the line-up last night. And I think he could do that with the above line-up and it be effective. I also really like the look of a Wright - Slater - Volpatti line. Defensively responsibly, physical, tough, etc. Noel would have some nice defined options here.

I have just not been happy with Wellwood, do not think he fits in here. I like him and he was solid last year, but to me this year he has no role here. Tangradi is an AHL'er in my opinion. Not good enough for the 3rd line to be of any sort of impact, he's just "there.."... doesn't fit the 4th line. He is a Jason Jaffray, in my opinion.

Thorburn, in my opinion can be replaced by Peluso, who is smarter with the puck, has better hands, moves around the ice very well, and is tougher. Then there is Wright who can play 13-14 minutes a night, be effective, and occupy 3rd line duties, in my opinion.

This would give Noel freedom like he had last night to move guys around, double shift a guy like Kane every now and again throughout a game, which caused the Rangers fits last night. Opposing teams don't know which guys are coming out at all times, can throw a wrench at opposing coaches.

All in all, I am personally in favor of shuffling the deck here and trying to pieces in order to push out some of the passengers we're currently holding on to.

I know Thorburn is great in the room, and going by the Q&A stuff on TSNJets he's a big joker with the guys, but I would replace Thorburn and/or Tangradi with Volpatti today if I had the chance.
Love this post. Toronto fans might have been pissed knowing there'd be tough guys with little offence playing regularly for them in the off-season. Then the on ice part came ad look at them now. If someone takes a run at one of our skill players, someone beats him up. It's old school but not a dead art just yet. Even in the new NHL.

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