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02-27-2013, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
Good Lord, now we're speculating about the possibility that Jones will be dealt and then that team will buy him out!? Even if they use the compliance rules to buy him out, you people do realize they still have to pay Jones millions just to have him walk away for nothing, right? Just because the cap hit isn't on the books doesn't mean the money isn't.

People, get a hold of yourselves, David Jones's contract will not lead to the downfall of the Avs--there are plenty of other factors that have nothing to do with Jones that will lead to that.
I was just wondering from a CBA standpoint. Seems like a team could trade a player, retain half his salary and cap hit, and then the other team could end up buying him out in a year.

What happens then? Do they only have to buy him out for their share? Does the original team have to fork over money? Is the cap hit from the buyout based on his total salary or just their share? And does the original team take a cap hit from the buyout?

Seems like it would cause for an interesting situation if the league didn't straighten all that out in the CBA. A team would be more inclined to take a risk on a player with a crazy contract, if the other team could retain half his salary, and then they'd only be risking buying him out and taking a buyout cap hit at half the price. The original team wouldn't mind it either, because they'd either have no or a smaller cap hit for the player that wasn't on their team anyway.

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