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12-20-2003, 05:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Bennevol10
I can grantee you that Flyers will not trade Handzus for few reason... Firstable JR is only 6'1 or 6'0; Comrie 5'9; Primeau is 6'5 but he will be free agent after this season.
Comrie will be a free agent, but it will not be the Group III unrestricted type. He will be a Group II restricted free agent with no arbitration rights. For as "free" as he'd be next summer, he may as well go see if he can get an offer in Tahiti. The entire free agent system will most likely undergo at least a few modifications, but I'm still holding out (as is everyone else) to see what it will look like. After some thought, I will be surprised if a luxury tax or salary cap is not grandfathered in, and on a graduated scale. I don't see how it can not be graduated in nature.

Anywho, I do not observe a precedent with Clarke regarding players in Comrie's end-of-season situation. I have observed hard-line bartering when talks are initiated in the summer, but the sides come to an agreement before camp starts or not soon after. The Flyers don't have a long list of Group II holdouts, and with their relatively deep pockets, they shouldn't when all things are equal (i.e., the player and his agent are "reasonable").

Comrie was offered the standard 10% over his base figure this past summer by the Oil. He declined, a whole bunch of insults from all sides followed, and it seemed like negotiations stopped there. It's not like the first time such a scenario unfolded.

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