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02-27-2013, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by snarktacular View Post
But then you have to hold him in the meantime while you look to flip him. All the while cap space is being used up during free agency, right when cap space is most important (assuming you are in the mix for signing/re-signing anyone big. AND you risk that his value might depreciate did to injury or just general suckiness.

I just don't believe in acquiring something solely with the intention it's flipping it right around. Only if it ifs an ancillary piece and you still get the main piece that you really want.
The Ducks have 28.5M in cap space this summer, and you can go over the cap by about 6.5M during the summer months. Kessel with a 5.4M hit won't mean a thing. He can be flipped at the draft before free agency as well. If you really see the Ducks as a cap team where that cap space would ever actually matter then they are re-signing Perry regardless though.

Trading Perry for a 3rd is essentially something you're flipping. You don't get to keep the 3rd, you flip it for a player at the draft. A player who most likely will never see the NHL. And Kessel will be worth a 1st + unless there's a catastrophic injury. He's a damn good scoring winger.

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