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02-27-2013, 02:34 PM
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Originally Posted by garry1221 View Post
At first, the divisional playoff idea was brought back up to promote and/or build rivalries. Now we have this horrid 'wildcard' issue. Looking at standings from previous years, I may have another, at least palateable idea. 1st round 'wildcard' opponent based on geography... Or maybe I shoud say time zones. Example based off last years standings, with the proposed alignment.

Pacific: 1. Vancouver, 2. Phoenix, 3. SJ 'wildcard' 4. LA, 5. Calgary
Midwest: 1. St Louis, 2. Nashville, 3. Chicago

Here, I would pair Calgary with St Louis. Media would get better TV times than having St Louis and La in the 1st round.

Northeast: 1. Boston, 2. Detroit, 3. Florida
Atlantic: 1. NY Rangers, 2. Pittsburgh, 3. Philly 'wildcard' 4. NJ, 5. Washington

Here, I would pair Washington with Boston. It's not as important here I guess. I suppose in the East if a 'wildcard' 4th is significantly closer to the opposing 1st, then that's an obvious 1st round match.
Exactly, garry, Divsional Playoffs could've been approximated all along, with the 6-Division structure, in the way they're planning to do them. I've been suggesting that since 18 months ago.

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