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02-27-2013, 02:46 PM
So Long, and Thanks
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Originally Posted by Flowah View Post
Just curious, but why is Drew Miller the odd man out here? He's cheaper than Abby and I'm not sure if Abby brings more to the table than Drew Miller.
Eh, the bottom line wasn't really my priority other than Helm and Toots, but you're right about Miller being cheaper and more effective; the only question I think the staff might have is whether or not Miller is "tough enough" to grind it out on that line.

Originally Posted by Winger98 View Post
I wonder if we'll see him retire over the summer because of his back. In a Freep article yesterday it mentions Bert had nerve damage in his back that also affected part of his right leg and put him in the hospital for a few days. It also said he's progressing a bit better lately, but still...that doesn't sound good for his long term health.
Originally Posted by Vladdy84 View Post
He won't retire that would screw the Wings. Wings will put him on LTIR like the Flyers have done with Pronger if he can't really play any longer.
That was my first "work-around" thought, but if the league could prove cap circumvention, the Wings would be in a world of hurt.

I know a lot of us aren't thrilled with some of Holland's decisions, but this summer could be another summer of significant turnover. While it might result in more kids playing, big turnover can also result in very uneven play - something that doesn't sit well with folks around here, to say the least.
Get ready to put on your moderatin' shoes, boys (and girls)...
Originally Posted by Claypool View Post
Defense is still ew.
Well, I'm pretty sure the Wings aren't going to part with Kronwall, Ericsson is staying unless he completely faceplants, Lashoff and Smith will likely be somewhere in the bottom pairings, and what other options are there for a PMD after White? Within the system, Billins and Almqvist aren't even close to ready, and value-wise, the UFA market is looking pretty slim. Who knows, maybe Quincey makes me eat my words and turns into an offensive dynamo, but I doubt it -- AND he's more expensive. Maybe they give Anton Babchuk a run; he's young, huge, has a monster (right-handed) shot, and could probably use the structure of Detroit (as well as the leadership of Datsyuk)...

Originally Posted by SoupNazi View Post
Since it's a 35+ deal with one more year, I'd rather they bury him on IR, particularly with the cap going down.

On the other hand, it won't affect the cap, in all likelihood, if we don't spend to the cap. But I've been thinking all along that this back injury was probably the end of Bertuzzi's career. And it's a shame to see that.
Yeah, dude's walking around with a cane... not a good sign at all.

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