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Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
This stuff is hard, and we really need some kind of standardization. The Vs2 methodology is quite clearly superior to the ranking system, but it would be very helpful if everybody agreed on which numbers we should use. I will have to do the hard work of actually going through NHL results season-by-season as seventies has suggested in order to further the discussion. Ugh...
Thanks for putting that thread together, by the way.
Just to be sure youíre clear on what Iím asking, Iím looking for a season by season breakdown of how many players reached certain thresholds (65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90 perhaps) so that odd seasons can be identified and discussed.
Any system that is a variation (or bastardization) of vs. 2 works for me Ė as long as we donít end up with a bunch of seasons where itís just way too easy or hard to get a good score because of slavish adherence to a formula.

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I think this method is probably the fairest way to deal with 1992... but god, it's a hell of a lot of work.
Not really. You just need to change the thresholds in a spreadsheet and youíre done. No more work. We just have to all agree on what they should be.

Originally Posted by BubbaBoot View Post
Well, I'm up in NH and I forgot my list. Just as well....I was trying to move up because there was a player I wanted and I knew that there was someone here who may possibly pick them again as they had in the past....but I had forgotten the name! So I went back and found him......and then realized he had already been picked!!

So I'm going to fill out my 2nd pairing....a right-hand shot who was known as a rough and ready player in his own end, rush the puck and score (He was #5 among defensemen in scoring and goals and leading or tying in goals on Montreal 6 times in his his decade of play).....and in a pinch, play GK.

The Boston Mules pick Albert "Battleship" Leduc / D.

This is really early.

Originally Posted by EagleBelfour View Post
I've only owned Odie Cleghorn one time.

In 10 drafts:

4 times
Gordie Drillon (2ndRW, 1stRW, 2ndRW, 3rdRW)
XXX (13thF, 13thF, 4thLW, 13thF)

3 times
Frank Brimsek (1stG, 1stG, 1stG)
Ralph Backstrom (3rdC, 3rdC, 3rdC)
XXX (13thF, 4thC, 13thF)

2 times
Bobby Bauer (2ndRW, 1stRW)
Woody Dumart (2ndLW, 1stLW)
Milt Schmidt (2ndC, 1stC)
XXX (7thD, 5thD)
XXX (4thC, 13thF)
XXX (3rdRW, 3rdRW)
XXX (4thLW, 14thF)
Glen Harmon (6thD, 7thD)
Bryan Hextall Sr. (1stRW, 1stRW)
Fleming Mackell (3rdC, 4thC)
Ken Mosdell (4thC, 3rdC)
XXX (4thRW, 13thF)
Bert Olmstead (2ndLW, 1stLW)
Jacques Plante (1stG, 1stG)
XXX (4thLW, 4thLW)
Jim Thomson (3rdD, 2ndD)
Roy Worters (2ndG, 1stG)

I've reunited the Kraut line on two occasions.
I've reunited the Army line
I've reunited the Goal-A-Game line
I've reunited the Gold Dust Twin

To my knowledge, those are the only players I've drafted 2 or more times. In 10 drafts, I don't think I've abused taking my favourite players too much.
Iíd love to know which player has been taken by which GM the most. I have never tracked this. I know that if you count lower drafts, there are two defensemen Iíve had 4 times. Iíve had probably a couple dozen players 3 times.

Originally Posted by Hawkey Town 18 View Post
Good discussion about vsX percentage scores, and I appreciate all the work some are putting in here and in other threads. One thing that hasn't been brought up yet, but I think is important is what should we consider a significant difference when comparing players?

Player A scores 80pts one year and the benchmark is 100pts he gets an 80.

Player B scores 80pts the next year and the benchmark is 98pts he gets an 82.

IMO these two seasons are pretty much equal. The 2 point difference in the benchmark is nothing over the course of an entire season, and could easily come from things like player A's team having more PP opportunities, more empty net opportunities, etc.

So my question is, at what percentage difference can you clearly say one player's season is better than another?
I would say they are pretty much the same thing. No need to split hairs. A player who tended to, on a season basis, score a couple percent more than another player, would likely be the better player though. At that point, external factors have been smoothed out by timeÖ hopefully.

Originally Posted by BraveCanadian View Post
And I need one who can kill penalties without taking many himself because I have a couple of crazy eyed guys already.
He can kill penalties for sure, but I wouldnít say heís that good at avoiding them himself. He averaged 1.07 non-fighting PIMs in his career per game. I think there are many available PK defenseman who would do better, if that was the the sole criterion for this pick.
I realize it probably wasnít, thoughÖ

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