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02-27-2013, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Flames Fanatic View Post
Just to throw out the stat from week ago 22-11 isn't going to happen even with Kipper back. If Feaster uses kippers injury as an excuse to not sell at this deadline I'm going to be pissed.
The Flames could easily make the playoffs without having to go 22-11 that stat doesn't have that much truth to it. I believe that if this team had a healthy line-up the whole season they would make the playoffs. They are a better team than they we're last year and I will give them that much credit. With that said I don't see this team finishing higher then 7th-8th place so we have to ask ourselves is it worth it? Of course we could surprise many teams and have a nice run come playoff time but the odds are not in our favor and since we do actually have some key injuries our odds of making it are even smaller.

IMO, this team needs to sell now. Our best players are all in their 30's and if we've been struggling to make the playoffs for the past 3 years, what are our chances this season and the next with our core being one year older? If we are not making the playoffs I would rather watch some young talent get better then watch our veterans get worse. Anyways, I love Iggy and if he wants to stay he can stay but I think its only slowing down the rebuild process.. But as long as they don't trade the first i'm happy as they have to keep building for the future.

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