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Originally Posted by Zachy Goj View Post
After reading the Canucks thread on the waiving of Volpatti, it seems pretty split in terms of who likes him and who doesn't see it as a big loss.

I watched some youtube clips of him here and though he has the heart of a lion, he does look a bit on the small side for his role.

Not sure if he's much of an upgrade or not. From what I read in that article he was playing pretty good defensive hockey and very physical, but Vancouver fans seem to say he's not very good with the puck.

Honestly, not really sure what to think about him. May be a bit of an upgrade on Thorburn, not sure how much though.
I dunno.
I don't think he's that bad and he has a chance to be >Thor, but (IMO) IF Peluso is indeed the upgrade on Thor that TNSE/Chevy wants than we'd want to be pretty sure he's an upgrade on Thor AND Peluso to go after the guy.
(IMO) Wright and Peluso did fine on the third line last game, but ultimately, you want those two on the 4th line with Slater doing the same defensive zone coverage thing that your article was discussing... but being able to fill third line role when injuries arise.
I think Peluso last game showed he very well could be the Thor upgrade to fit that line.

Our problem is top9 now:
*LLW line has been swell together, as always, being able to matchup against toughs and still score, although can sometimes get shutdown if they are being focused on too much (but that's why you want depth).
*Kane and Burmistrov have been showing some chemistry brewing, although there is no doubt who is the stronger player in that line. Antropov is the obvious weak link; I like the guy on a third line but I'm not big on him on the second. So, we need to find someone to fit here (everyone knows I would like to find a true 1C and put Little here but good luck short term finding that).
*Jokinen is starting to find his game and pull it together. Antropov may be slow but can bring some more cycle and defensive awareness to this line. Wellwood has been defensively sound but offensively MIA about to equal levels as Fehr last season. Tangradi hasn't shown me that he deserves that spot. Mittens is an injured wreck. So, this line also needs to find its piece.

With all that I don't see much of a reason to go after 4th line guys unless we're pretty confident that they surpass our current 4th liners.

13th: One of Wellwood/Tangradi/Miettinen/Thorburn

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