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02-27-2013, 03:16 PM
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My .00002 on interactivity.

If the NHL is making the push to get to get the more casual/younger generation fan, then I think we will see the "Nascar"ing of NHL with things like different camera angles, stats, ect-as others have pointed, interactivity. The current generation is about social media/computer centric. I do agree that it should be an option that you turn on or off, whether the NHL would go that way I don't know.

I will offer the caveat about "Nascar"ing the NHL-you DONT want to push away your core fan base, and that is the problem Nascar has had for the past few years-in their push to get more 'casual' fans, they pushed out the fans that got them there.

The NHL cannot fall into that trap of alienating their core fan base, but also need to reach out to the younger/casual fanbase.

A tightrope to be sure.

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