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02-27-2013, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
Sure we're a relatively fat nation. The weight of your average citizen isn't really that important in a climate of elite development.

The majority of the population isn't required for elite sports development. Of course, without statistics, your argument really doesn't mean anything, and just seems to follow the sentiment of thoughts on society.

The UK does very well in sports. Improvements can be made in many areas, but what do you expect? Don't expect many better olympics than the one we just had, you'll be waiting a long time. Statistics/variance suggest other nations with similar wealth/population will beat us at some point, and beating China/US is entirely unattainable. But then who really cares, most of the olympic sports aren't popular. Does anyone really care if we develop medals at Archery, Judo or events such as Pole vault? You might care for 2 weeks, but you aren't following those sports elsewhere so who cares? Team sports are infinitely more popular in consumption than individual sports.

The main problem is youth development in Football. England underachieves substantially in football player production quality relative to other nations.
Football development is toilet now. Big clubs don't need to bother with bringing on youth players when they can just buy in talent, small clubs have no incentive either because big clubs will just buy them.

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