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Originally Posted by BobRouse View Post
Meh....Well it sure used to be. I grew up during that time. It was all the way up until the NHL decided to realign and shove the Caps into the Southeast upon which they lost all their rivalries.

Us oldtimers don't forget those times. It was flat out brutal in the 80s and early 90s.

In fact after going 0-6 vs Philly in the 86-87 season Poile SPECIFICALLY made the trade for Dale Hunter to keep up with the Flyer's.
i grew up in those times too but the problem being is that in the last 25 years, the Caps let their identity slip away and on account of a fat toad of a man and his idiotic approach to NHL ownership. The Caps may have removed from the Patrick but your balls were removed as soon as Leonis took over.

Find an identity, cultivate it and then get back to us. Until then, the Flyer fan base will collective shrug our shoulders anytime your limp organization makes the trip up the I-95

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