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Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
His handling of events in '97 after being questioned about his injury does make for easy speculation that Dom was in fact faking and attempting to oust Ted Nolan. Jim Kelley had reason to put it in print, he was privvy to much of what was going on behind the scenes up through and including the off-season shenanigans that ushered in the Regier/Ruff era and kept Hasek happy. Jim Kelley, head of the NHL Writers' Association and long-time Sabres beat reporter questioned Hasek. This isn't a "hey, I know a guy" things, this was the most respected hockey reporter in Buffalo, one who went on to a national level of coverage of the sport, albeit mostly in Canada.

Kelley was not Bucky. He was not Sullivan. He was of the ilk of guys like LeBrun and Bob McKenzie, of that high of a regard for his ability and discretion as a reporter and columnist.
Wasn't it something regarding him hanging out with Frank Musil from Ottawa during the series? It's been awhile. I vividly remember Hasek getting booed repeatedly during Lindy's first few home games.

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