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Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
Just like there's no way to prevent a cheapshot, there's no way to prevent someone going after Emelin. But I think your fear is somewhat overblown, Kronwall on Detroit delivers big hits just like Emelin does and yet doesn't get into fights.

As far as I know there's no rule against wearing a cage, but since it limit's visibility I'm not sure Emelin would want to wear one all the time.

9.6 Dangerous Equipment - The use of pads or protectors made of metal, or of any other material likely to cause injury to a player, is prohibited. Referees have the authority to prohibit any equipment they feel may cause injury to any participants in the game. Failure to comply to the Refereesí instructions shall result in the assessment of a minor penalty for delay of game.

A mask or protector of a design approved by the League may be worn by a player who has sustained a facial injury. In the first instance, the injured player shall be entitled to wear any protective device prescribed by the Club doctor.

If any opposing Club objects to the device, it may record its objection with the Commissioner. In cases where a stick may have been modified and it is evident that the edges have not been beveled, the Referee shall deem the stick to be dangerous equipment and removed from the game until the edges can be beveled sufficiently. No penalty is to assessed initially unless the player returns to the ice with the unmodified stick, for which he will be assessed a minor penalty for delay of game.

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